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An org-mode-capture workflow for Alfred

Append a todo or a note to an org-mode file with a short and convenient command in [[][Alfred]]. The workflow requires Alfred's "Powerpack."

  • Features

The command appends a second level heading to a user defined .org file and puts all what follows ~::~ into the body of the heading (see figures below).

Type todo to add a todo:

+caption: Capture a todo


+caption: Capture a todo


Type note to add a note:

+caption: Capture a note


+caption: Capture a note


The added notes and todos are divided into title and content:

+caption: Capture a note


Relative dates (Monday, tuesday, tomorrow, morgen, freitag) in the content part of the entry are converted into orgmode specific date formats ~<2015-09-11 Fri>~.

+caption: Relative dates in Alfred


+caption: become orgmode dates


You can also use relative dates to add a SCHEDULE or DEADLINE by using the following syntax, where ~S:~ converts the following date to a SCHEDULE date, and ~DL:~ to a DEADLINE. Note: the conversion only works if the pattern (S: or DL:) is followed by a date without a space between the pattern and the date.

todo Title of the workflow:: S:tomorrow DL:monday

By default, the date of creation is added to a property car (you can disable it inside Alfred; see Installation below):

+caption: Date of creation


  • Installation and customising variables

Double klick on ~org-mode-capture.alfredworkflow~ to add it to Alfred's set of workflows. Then you need to set up the workflow by customising the workflow variables with Alfred's ~Configure Workflow...~ command (see figure below). It is obligatory to set at least the path to your files. The non-obligatory variables have sane defaults, but can be customised by your liking: if you prefer ~--~ as a title-content separator, then you can change it as well.

+caption: Configure Workflow


  • Reporting bugs

If you encounter a bug, please enable Alfred's debugging mode and post the error message.

+caption: Alfred debugger