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From the project's README:

Word-to-PDF (Alfred Workflow)

Convert a Word Document to a PDF file, via file action or via hotkey when it is selected in Finder. Works on Big Sur and with Microsoft Word 2019.

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When Word complains about missing access, you have to grant it full disk access.


originally created by vdesabous, forked & fixed by Chris Grieser

Release Notes

Version 2.0

  • fork of version 1.6 from vdesabous
  • fixed the workflow so it runs on newer Mac OS versions and also on newer versions of Word
  • checks whether Word was running at the beginning - if not, it will be closed again (this workflow temporarily opens Word)
  • prevents the hotkey from triggering this workflow, when no Word file is selected or it isn't selected in Finder
  • added OneUpdater functionality