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From their README


An Alfred workflow letting you set a timer on your MAC's menubar. When the time is up, your Hue lights blink. You can download the workflow from packal


N|Demo N|Demo1 N|Demo2


  • Download from packal and import the workflow
  • run -timer then select Setup Dependencies
  • run -timer then select Link with Hue Bridge

    Room Setup

    Selecting which lights/groups to blink:

  • run -timer on Alfred
  • Select the light or group to set as blinker


Set up timer

Set up for 10 seconds with title of "demo"

timer 10s demo

Set up for 1 minute with title of "doing stuff"

timer 1m doing stuff 

Set up for 1 hour with title of "something"

timer 1h something


If you need any support or have any question, please feel free to open an issue or contact me.


Any contribution is welcomed and will be credited. You can contact me if you would like to contribute


This workflow is built on top of 2 other repositories.