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Alfred workflow to convert some text into a different case format.



$ npm install --global alfred-case

Requires Node.js 8+ and the Alfred Powerpack.

Note: If you are using nvm on your machine, you may get a message when trying to use this workflow "couldn't find binary node". I fixed this issue by running ln -s $(command -v node) /usr/local/bin/node.


In Alfred, type case, space, then enter in the text that you would like converted into a different case. After a second, you will see a list of your entered text converted into another case.

Hit Enter to copy the converted text to the clipboard.


If you go through the getting started guide for alfy, you will notice that when you develop using alfy, your project exists inside of your Alfred workflow directory. This is handy because it makes testing your workflow much easier because you can make an edit to your index.js file, save, then open alred and run your workflow.

Therefore, being able to develop for this plugin is not as easy as "git clone" and you're done. Instead, you need to clone the repo into your workflows directory.

To do this, go into Alfred and create a new workflow. Then, right click on the workflow in the sidebar -> Open in Finder. This will tell you where the workflow is installed on your computer. You will then want to open this directory in your terminal, delete all of the files currently inside of it, and then perform a git clone [email protected]:levibostian/Alfred-Case.git . to pull the code into that directory. After you clone the repo...

npm install

Go back into Alfred and you should now see your workflow you created has changed. It is now all setup to run the code!


  • alfy - Made it pretty easy to crete a workflow!


MIT. See license.