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From their README


A modified version of reminders-cli for use with Agenda Alfred Workflow


Show all lists

$ reminders show-lists

Show reminders on a specific list

$ reminders show Soon
0 Write README
1 Ship reminders-cli

Complete an item on a list

$ reminders complete Soon 0
Completed 'Write README'
$ reminders show Soon
0 Ship reminders-cli

Add a reminder to a list

$ reminders add Soon Contribute to open source
$ reminders add Soon Go to the grocery store --due-date "tomorrow 9am"
$ reminders show Soon
0: Ship reminders-cli
1: Contribute to open source
2: Go to the grocery store (in 10 hours)


You don't want this, I promise you. It's only useful for the Alfred workflow.

Building manually

This requires a recent Xcode installation.

$ cd reminders-cli
$ make build-release
$ cp .build/release/reminders /usr/local/bin/reminders