Pacmax was assembled as a way for Alfred lovers to find and share their favorite workflows, snippets, and themes.

The site is maintained by Maxwell White, with feedback from the community, and it is not affiliated with Running with Crayons, Ltd.



This is only getting started, so please send any feedback you may have!

Kind Words

Hey there, just wanted to let you know that use your site anytime I’m looking for new workflows or extensions. I appreciate all the work you do!


Wonderful. It’s great to have a maintained site for all the workflows out there, pillaging through Git repos and old threads becomes cumbersome, especially for people that are new with Alfred.


It is looking cool at the first glance. I will use it for a while and come back with a feedback, but would like to thank you for that. It is an amazing effort well needed for Alfred users community!


I’m a huge Alfred user-thank you for providing another avenue to obtain work flows. Truly appreciated.


You have done a great job with this site! It’s nice to see it moving so far forward from launch day! Keep up the hard work!


Finally! I thought Alfred workflows were dead by now.