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From the project's README:

An org-mode-capture workflow for Alfred

Append a todo or a note to an org-mode file with a short and convenient command in Alfred. The workflow requires Alfred's "Powerpack."


The command appends a second level heading to a user defined .org file and puts all what follows :: into the body of the heading (see figures below).

Type todo to add a todo:

Capture a todo

Capture a todo

Type note to add a note:

Capture a note

Capture a note

The added notes and todos are divided into title and content:

Capture a note

Relative dates (Monday, tuesday, tomorrow, morgen, freitag) in the content part of the entry are converted into orgmode specific date formats <2015-09-11 Fri>.

Relative dates in Alfred

become orgmode dates

You can also use relative dates to add a SCHEDULE or DEADLINE by using the following syntax, where S: converts the following date to a SCHEDULE date, and DL: to a DEADLINE:

todo Title of the workflow:: S: tomorrow DL: monday

By default, the date of creation is added to a property car (you can disable it inside Alfred; see Installation below):

Date of creation


Double klick on org-mode-capture.alfredworkflow to add it to Alfred's set of workflows. Then you need to set the path to your existing org-mode inbox file in both python script nodes (absolute notation of the path is necessary). You can also change the delimiter pattern to distinguish between head and body elements and disable the relative date replacement by setting it to False:

org.inbox_file = '/Users/Alex/Documents/Planung/Planning/'
org.delimiter = ':: '
org.add_creation_date = True
org.replace_relative_dates = True

Edit the python script nodes within Alfred

Supported modes of notification

If you don't use growl, you can change the notification nodes in the alfred workflows to apple's notification centre:

Notification system


Following variables can be customised directly in the Alfred Workflow by editing the Workflow Environment Variables:

  • inbox filepath for todos, notes, and inspirations
  • heading_level of entry for each destination (default: 1)
  • delimiter (default: ::)