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Created By: Alex Chan, 111 Stars, Last Updated: 07/04/21 19:13:19

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From the project's README:



An Alfred 4 workflow opening files or folders with Visual Studio Code.

Based off of the Alfred 2 workflow from franzheidl/alfred-workflows.


  1. Download the workflow
  2. Double click the .alfredworkflow file to install

Note that the Alfred Powerpack is required to use workflows.



  1. Use the keyword code to trigger the workflow
  2. Press enter to open the current folder or the selected file
  3. Alternatively, type a path to open (e.g., ~/Desktop)

Search & Open

  1. Use the keyword codef to trigger the workflow
  2. Press enter or begin to type your file or folder search term
  3. Select the file or folder you want to open and press enter