mojave accented

Dark & Light Accented Alfred Themes tailored for macOS Mojave users. You can have any color as long as it’s not Black 🎩

From this project's GitHub repository:

Mojave Alfred Accented Themes

Collection of Dark & Light Accented Alfred Themes tailored with care for macOS Mojave & Alfred Powerpack users.
You can have any color! Well, as long as it’s not Black 🎩


You can either download the whole repository, and double-click each theme to install it in Alfred,
or click the links under the screenshots to install the themes you want via Alfred’s website.

I personnaly rock the Light Purple one most of the time, and disabled the Hat Logo in Alfred’s Preferences.

Theme Switcher

You can install the workflow designed for this set of Alfred Themes to select your Accent color and switch between Dark & Light modes. It features two commands :

  • theme : toggle between Dark & Light Themes on both macOS and Alfred.
  • theme color : toggle between the Accent Color of your choice variant of this set of Themes (replace color with either Blue, Purple, Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Gray).

Mojave Theme Switcher Workflow

Known limitations

  • To preserve your actual accent color when toggling between Dark and Light modes, I use the themes’ background color as an identifier for a specific Accent. Which means if you modify the colors of the themes, or try to adapt it for another set of themes, you’ll have to adapt the “accentColorLookup” table.
  • There is currently no macOS API that I know of which features a way to change the system UI’s accent color. When Apple adds it, I’ll add the feature to toggle everything from this workflow at once, which will make it a breeze to swap colors system wide in one command!


Mojave Light - Blue

Install Mojave Light - Blue

Mojave Light - Purple

Install Mojave Light - Purple

Mojave Light - Pink

Install Mojave Light - Pink

Mojave Light - Red

Install Mojave Light - Red

Mojave Light - Orange

Install Mojave Light - Orange

Mojave Light - Yellow

Install Mojave Light - Yellow

Mojave Light - Green

Install Mojave Light - Green

Mojave Light - Gray

Install Mojave Light - Gray

Mojave Dark - Blue

Install Mojave Dark - Blue

Mojave Dark - Purple

Install Mojave Dark - Purple

Mojave Dark - Pink

Install Mojave Dark - Pink

Mojave Dark - Red

Install Mojave Dark - Red

Mojave Dark - Orange

Install Mojave Dark - Orange

Mojave Dark - Yellow

Install Mojave Dark - Yellow

Mojave Dark - Green

Install Mojave Dark - Green

Mojave Dark - Gray

Install Mojave Dark - Gray


Thanks to dvldev for his stylish themes,
which inspired me to further embrace macOS Mojave’s Accent Colors 🙏
Thanks also to mermaid for the Theme Switcher workflow inspiration!