Menu Bar Search

Created By: Benzi, 308 Stars, Last Updated: 25/06/21 11:12:45

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From the project's README:



Search through menu options for front-most application - an Alfred Workflow

Based on the implementation of ctwise's Menu Bar Search.



Type m in Alfred to list menu bar items for front most application You can filter menu items by name, or do a fuzzy search.


  • m new tab will match the menu item New Tab
  • m cw will match the menu item Close Window


You can change the workflow environment variables to fine tune menu listings

  • -show-disabled true/false controls if diabled menu items should be shown (default is false)

  • -no-apple-menu true/false if true, no menus items under the apple menu will be shown (default is true)

  • -max-children number how many sub-menu items to load for each menu item (default is 30)

  • -max-depth number how many nested levels if sub menus should be listed (default is 10)

Change log

  • 1.0 - Initial Release

  • 1.1 - Added Fuzzy Text Matching for Menus

    If you have a menu item New Tab, then typing m nt in Alfred will match New Tab, since n and t matches the first letters of the menu text.

  • 1.1.1 - Changed run behaviour to terminate previous script, this makes the experience slightly more faster

  • 1.2 - Completely native menu clicking, removed reliance on AppleScript

    • 1.2.1 - Performance improvements when generating menus using direct JSON encoding
    • 1.2.2 - More performance improvements while filtering menu items
  • 1.3 - Added -async flag to allow threaded scanning and populating of menus

  • 1.4 - Added -cache setting to enable menu result caching and also set a timeout for cache invalidation

    • 1.4.1 - Invalidate cache (if present) after actioning a menu press
    • 1.4.2 - Slide the cache invalidation window forward in case we get invalidated by a near miss
    • 1.4.3 - Speed improvements to caching, text search and fuzzy matching
    • 1.4.4 - Added -no-apple-menu flag that will skip the apple menu items
    • 1.4.5 - Tuned fuzzy matcher, allows non-continuous anchor token search
  • 1.5 - Faster caching using protocol buffers

    • 1.5.1 - Reduced file creation for cache storage
    • 1.5.2 - Better support for command line apps that create menu bar owning applications
    • 1.5.3 - Protocol buffer everything - microscopic speed improvements, but hey...
    • 1.5.4 - Added various environment variables to fine tune menu listings
    • 1.5.5 - Tweaked ranking of search results for better menu listings
  • 1.6 - Added per app customization via Settings.txt configuration file

  • 1.7 - Universal build for M1 and Intel