A command line interface that enhances Alfred with Ruby support.

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= Pennyworth

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A command line interface that enhances Alfred with Ruby support.


== Features

  • Adds Ruby support to Alfred.
  • Adds Alfred Workflow:


== Requirements

.[Alfred Powerpack]

== Setup

To install, run:


gem install pennyworth

== Usage

=== Command Line Interface (CLI)

From the command line, type: pennyworth

pennyworth -c, [–config] # Manage gem configuration.
pennyworth -h, [–help=COMMAND] # Show this message or get help for a command.
pennyworth -i, [–install] # Install Alfred Workflows.
pennyworth -s, [–string=VALUE] # Manipulate strings.
pennyworth -v, [–version] # Show gem version.

For string options, type: pennyworth help string

-d, [–downcase], [–no-downcase] # Downcase string.
-u, [–upcase], [–no-upcase] # Upcase string.
-t, [–titleize], [–no-titleize] # Capitalize each word and delimit with space or forward slash.
-c, [–camelcase], [–no-camelcase] # Capitalize each word and delimit with nothing or double colon.
-s, [–snakecase], [–no-snakecase] # Downcase each word and delimit with underscore or forward slash.
-s, [–size], [–no-size] # Calculate string size.

While the command line options are nice, the real power comes from running the following command:
pennyworth -i. This command installs the Alfred Workflows to support this gem. You can use the
Alfred commands provided by each workflow instead of the CLI. Check each workflows documentation for
details by opening Alfred preferences and clicking on the Workflows tab. Each workflow associated
with this gem is prefixed with Pennyworth.

=== Customization

This gem can be configured via a global configuration:


It can also be configured via link:[XDG] environment

The default configuration is as follows:


(alfred_settings_root) “/Users/bkuhlmann/Dropbox/Cache/Alfred/Alfred.alfredpreferences”

Feel free to take this default configuration, modify, and save as your own custom

== Development

To contribute, run:


git clone
cd pennyworth

You can also use the IRB console for direct access to all objects:



== Tests

To test, run:


bundle exec rake

== Versioning

Read link:[Semantic Versioning] for details. Briefly, it means:

  • Major (X.y.z) – Incremented for any backwards incompatible public API changes.
  • Minor (x.Y.z) – Incremented for new, backwards compatible, public API enhancements/fixes.
  • Patch (x.y.Z) – Incremented for small, backwards compatible, bug fixes.

== Code of Conduct

Please note that this project is released with a link:CODE_OF_CONDUCT.adoc[CODE OF CONDUCT]. By
participating in this project you agree to abide by its terms.

== Contributions

Read link:CONTRIBUTING.adoc[CONTRIBUTING] for details.

== License

Read link:LICENSE.adoc[LICENSE] for details.

== History

Read link:CHANGES.adoc[CHANGES] for details.

== Credits

Engineered by link:[Brooke Kuhlmann].