play song

An Alfred workflow for quickly and easily playing music in iTunes

Author: Caleb Evans

Last Updated: 21/12/19 01:17:19

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NOTE: Play Song now supports macOS Catalina!

Please see the file list above for the workflow compatible with your version of

Play Song

Copyright 2013-2019 Caleb Evans
Released under the MIT license

Play Song is an Alfred workflow designed to make
playing music in extremely quick and convenient.

The workflow will be solely supporting Alfred 4 going forward, but the latest
Alfred 3 and Alfred 2-compatible releases will remain available here for your

Play Song in action

Special thanks to @Tyilo for his invaluable feedback
and code contributions.


Play Song includes a number of keyword filters which allow you to search for and
play songs in your library. For example:

Playing a song

playsong hey jude

Playing a song in a particular album

playsongin abbey road

Playing a song by a particular artist

playsongby beatles

Playing an album

playalbum pet sounds

Playing an album by a particular artist

playalbumby beach boys

Playing an artist

playartist killers

Playing a genre

playgenre alternative

Playing a playlist

playplaylist favorites

Queueing songs

For any of the above filters, choosing a result with the cmd key held down
will queue the result (as opposed to playing it immediately). This allows you to
queue up multiple songs before playing them.

To play the songs you’ve queued, use the playqueue keyword. To clear the queue
of all songs, use the clearqueue keyword.

Note: At this time, Play Song does not support queueing for Apple Music

Searching songs on Google

For any of the above filters, choosing a result with the ctrl key held down
will search the result on Google.

Clearing the cache

Play Song stores a local cache containing album artwork (from displayed
results), as well as the compiled workflow configuration. If you experience any
issues with Play Song, you can clear this cache via the clearcache keyword.

A note about play order

Play Song always respects the current shuffle mode within For example,
if shuffle is enabled, playing an album via Play Song will play the songs of the
album in shuffled order. Therefore, if you desire Play Song to respect album
order, simply disable shuffle within

Playing a song directly (the Play Song v1 behavior)

If you are a longtime Play Song user who prefers the v1 behavior for playing
songs (where music continues playing after the song finishes), you can do so via
the shift modifier. Note that this only works for the playsong filter.


If you have a bug to report or a feature to request, please submit an issue on
. You can also contact me
via email.