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From the project's README:

Steam Companion (Alfred Workflow)

Workflow for Alfred that enables various interactions with Steam

  • launches a game, directly without opening the game library
  • installs a game from the library
  • uninstalls a game
  • creates an alias (shortcut) for a game (creating an alias by right-clicking the game in the Steam library does not work in the current Steam version, so this is basically a workaround)
  • searches the Steam Store – in the App or the default Browser
  • launches your wishlist
  • validates game files
  • activates product
  • launch Steam in Big Picture (+ there is a remote trigger for this)
  • automatic updates of this workflow via OneUpdater

Download the Latest Release

made by Chris Grieser

gif showcasing of the workflow

Release Notes

version 1.2:

  • search Steam library for a game to install (only works on public profiles)

version 1.1:

  • launch in Big Picture
  • validation of local game files
  • activate product
  • option to set the outputpath for Aliase
  • restructuring of workflow, uses a script-filter instead of multiple keywords for easier search
  • individual icons for all the options

version 1.0:

  • Initial release