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From the project's README:

Craft Powerpack Theme

Here are two Alfred Powerpack Themes based on Craft, "a fresh take on documents" for the Mac and iOS ecosystem.

This theme takes advantage of new Window Blur features for macOS Big Sur that landed in Alfred 4.3. As a result, this theme should be considered experimental and may not display properly on earlier versions of Alfred.


Download the zip file below, unzip the file, and then double-click the .alfredappearance file to install it.


Craft Theme Light

Craft Theme Light - Alfred Theme Preview

Download Theme

Craft Theme Dark

Craft Theme Dark - Alfred Theme Preview

Download Theme

Suggested configuration

Disable the Alfred hat logo by checking: Alfred Preferences › Appearance › Options › Hide hat on Alfred window

Disable result shortcuts by unchecking: Alfred Preferences › Appearance › Options › Hide result shortcuts

Simplify results by switching the result subtext to "Only for Alternative Actions".

Alfred Appearance Options


This theme is unaffiliated with nor endorsed by Craft.

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