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From the project's README:

Alfred Sublime Workflow

Simple workflow that allows you to browse and open Sublime projects.



NPM (preferred)

This workflow can be installed with Yarn/NPM, as an added bonus you'll get a notification when an update is available!

yarn add -g alfred-sublime
# or
npm install -g alfred-sublime


  1. Download the latest Sublime.alfredworkflow from GitHub.
  2. Double click Sublime.alfredworkflow.


Simply type subl followed by space to list all projects. Optionally type a search string to filter results.


No projects are listed by the subl command

Please check that the directory ~/Library/Application Support/Sublime Text 3/Packages/User/Projects exists and that it contains .sublime-project files.

Also check out the debug output, see the Using the Workflow Debugger section of the Alfred documentation.