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From the project's README:

Homebrew + Alfred

Manage Alfred with Homebrew.

Workflows require the paid Powerpack upgrade.


brew tap danielbayley/alfred
brew alfred install #workflow #theme

or with brew bundle using a Brewfile:

# Brewfile
tap "danielbayley/alfred"
cask "alfred-theme"
# App dependency already installed independently.
alfred "alfred-workflow", args: { "skip-cask-deps": true }


git config core.hooksPath .github/hooks and follow the contribution guide, or copy and adapt an existing.

Because Alfred preferences can be synced, the following Ruby code is necessary to install the workflow into the correct folder:

require_relative "../cmd/brew-alfred"
artifact staged_path, target: "#{HOMEBREW_ALFRED_WORKFLOW_PREFIX}.#{token}"

or with slightly different code for themes:

theme = "#{HOMEBREW_ALFRED_THEME_PREFIX}.#{token}"
artifact "theme.json", target: "#{theme}/theme.json"

uninstall rmdir: theme


MIT © Daniel Bayley