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From the project's README:

Alfred dict.cc workflow

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Alfred workflow to get bidirectional translations from dict.cc.

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Click here and download Dict.cc.alfredworkflow

Supported Languages

English, German, French, Swedish, Spanish, Bulgarian, Romanian, Italian, Portuguese, Russian


dict lang1 lang2 word_to_translate

You can omit lang1 and lang2 to just translate between german and english (both directions!). See below to customise the default language pair.

Possible values for lang1 and lang2:

Abbreviation Language
en, eng english
de, ger german
fr, fra french
sv, swe swedish
es, esp spanish
bg, bul bulgarian
ro, rom romanian
it, ita italian
pt, por portuguese
ru, rus russian

Default Language Pair

You may not want the translations to be between english and german by default. To change this behaviour open the Alfred preferences, go to Workflows, select Dict.cc and click on the Configure workflow and variables button in the top right corner.

Default language setup step 1

You should find the following two workflow environment variables:

  1. from_language
  2. to_language

Default language setup step 2

Assign both variables one of the above abbreviations (either the two letter or three letter form). In the screenshot above the configuration says

  • from_language - fra
  • to_language - en

to translate between french and english by default.

Note: Although the variables are named from_ and to_ the translations will be bidirectional, so the order shouldn't really matter.


The dict.cc website parser is based on rbarons work. Thanks for that!