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Alfred 3+ workflow that lets you start, stop and open Hotel apps

alfred hotel workflow screenshot in action



$ npm install -g alfred-hotel


In Alfred, type hotel to list all Hotel apps, press Space to search through list.

With selected app you can:

  • Enter to start and open app in default browser (
  • Alt + Enter to open app without local domain (
  • Command + Enter to start/stop selected app
  • Fn + Enter to restart selected app
  • Command + C to copy app url
  • Ctrl + Enter to open app folder
  • Shift to preview url with quicklook


By default workflow works with following Hotel settings:

  • Hotel is available at http://localhost:2000
  • Local domains are in .localhost zone

You can change this in ~/.hotel/conf.json.


  • alfy - Create Alfred workflows with ease
  • hotel - A simple process manager for developers


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