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Pacmax was assembled as a way for Alfred lovers to find and share their favorite workflows, snippets, and themes.
This repository outlines a few features such as the Pacmax Alfred Workflow, the API for creating your own Workflow or other contraptions, and more!

The Pacmax Search Workflow

  1. Grab the latest release
  2. Open it & select Import
  3. You’re all set!


  1. Trigger Alfred
  2. Type either pm or pacmax followed by a space, the word you’d like to search for, and then return. E.g., pm + space + spotify + return. The results for your search will open in your default browser.

Use the Pacmax API

In hopes of increasing the accessibility of Pacmax, I’ve opened up endpoints to the site’s REST API. They are few, but I think it will be incredibly valuable for anyone interested in querying Pacmax from in their projects.


The route for packages on Pacmax is /wp/v2/pacs and here are several usable parameters:

Parameter Description
title The package’s title
update_on The last date the package was updated
import_theme If available, provides a path for one-click theme importing
author_username The package author’s GitHub username
author_name The package author’s name
author_github_page The package author’s GitHub profile
releases_zip_url A link to download the latest release zipped
download_url_master The most up to date source code
stars The number of Stars a package has
repo_url The package’s GitHub URL

An Example Request

Here’s an example request to fetch 100 packages:


Add Pacmax to your browser

As a search engine; For Chrome (more to be confirmed): Add in Chrome (more browsers to be confirmed) at chrome://settings/searchEngines

As a Bookmarklet; Copy the following and paste it into a new bookmarkjavascript: javascript:(function()%7Bif%20('''%3Frepo_url%3D'%20%2B%20document.URL%2C%20'_blank')%3B%0A%0A%7Delse%20if%20('Sorry%2C%20Pacmax%20Bookmarket%20%2C%20Works%20only%20on%20Github%20Repo%20home')%3B%0A%7D%0Aconsole.log(%22Pacmax%20Bookmarket%20-%20V.1.0%22)%3B%7D)()%3B

Contribute PRs Welcome

Have an idea that’d improve this project? I’m all ears! Issues and pull requests welcome.


MIT License © Maxwell Jordan White