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Last Updated: 18/04/20 13:21:57
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Refresh Launchpad

Refresh Launchpad Icon

This Alfred Workflow sorts the first page of your Launchpad, like when you first fired up your Mac. Your remaining applications will be placed into new pages, but won’t get sorted due to current limitations.


  1. Grab the latest release (also available from Pacmax)
  2. Open the .alfredworkflow file & select Import
  3. Launch Alfred and type either rl or refresh launchpad


Unfortunately, after (I think) Sierra, the script that this workflow runs only works with Apple’s stock apps. I did some searching but haven’t been able to find a working alternative.

If you’d be interested, there’s an app that mostly solves this (though, not from Alfred) called Launchpad Manager. It looks like it was updated to work with Catalina. I re-purchased it to give it a try, and it seems to do the trick. I’m going to see if I can’t somehow run this from Alfred as another alternative.

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