Start and stop tracking time with Toggl and/or Harvest through Alfred

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Alfred Time

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Basic workflow to start and stop timers for Toggl and/or Harvest services through Alfred.


I prefer using Toggl for tracking time, I like their dashboard and reports better. But I use Harvest for invoices. So instead of handling both services separately (😴), I did the workflow so that I can control both services in one shot.

Current features

  • Generate and open default workflow config file at first start
  • Launch edit of workflow config file through Alfred if needed
  • Start timer for Toggl OR Harvest with choice of project and tag (primary service defined in config, only one tag at each time choosable currently)
  • Start timer for Toggl AND Harvest with choice of project and tag. In that case, will only show projects and tags that are available for both services
  • Stop current timer for Toggl and/or Harvest (defined in config)
  • Undo last timer for Toggl and Harvest (if a current timer is running, will stop it and delete it. It no timer is running, delete the last ran timer)
  • Delete a recent timer
  • Continue a recent timer: actually start a new timer but with the same info (description, project, tag)
  • Sync project and tag data to local cache

How to use


  • First start, generate and edit config file


  • Edit config file when needed


  • Start timer for primary service


  • Start timer for all services (with shift modifier)


  • Stop timer


  • Undo last timer


  • Delete a recent timer


  • Continue a recent timer (with cmd modifier)


  • Sync projects and tags to local cache (automatic on first time, then you can resync manually)


Config file

The config file contains 3 sections:

  1. “timer”: the only thing you have to define here is as below:
  • “primary_service”: enter the service that you want to use by default, when you don’t press any modifier
  1. “toggl”: this is where you enter your Toggl info:
  • “is_active”: true if you want to use Toggl, false otherwise
  • “api_token”: your API Token to connect to Toggl (found in Toggl account settings)
  1. “harvest”: this is were you enter your Harvest info:
  • “is_active”: true if you want to use Harvest, false otherwise
  • “api_token”: this is a base64 encode of your Harvest credentials. You can encode online here: base64 encode. Type “YOUR_HARVEST_USERNAME:YOUR_HARVEST_PASSWORD”, encode, and paste the result in the config file.
  • “domain”: your Harvest domain (the DOMAIN part in your Harvest url: https://DOMAIN.harvestapp.com)


  • See reports directly in Alfred
  • See info about current running timer (project, tags/tasks, running time, etc…)
  • Add better tests suite and refactor classes


  • Feel free to let me know if something doesn’t work, if you think something could be done better, or just fork and pull request.


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