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From the project's README:

‘DOI Tools’ Alfred Workflow

This toolbox offers four keyword triggered Alfred workflows for DOI queries and actions: doibib, doilink, doiresolve, and doishort


Queries citation information (in BibTeX format) for the resource associated with the specified DOI. Upon success, a notification is shown and the BibTeX record is copied to the clipboard.

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A link of the DOI is copied to the clipboard.


Opens the resource associated with the specified DOI in the default web browser.


Queries the web service to get a short DOI such as 10/z7x from a canonical DOI such as 10.1145/2667317.2667332. Upon success, the short DOI is shown in a notification and copied to the clipboard.

Short DOIs are issued by the International DOI foundation and valid Handles in the Handle system. Each canonical DOI has one unique short DOI.

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