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From the project's README:


Automatically gives you links to the track on your clipboard for all music platforms provided by Songkick.


See releases page for latest Workflow file.


Have a music link in your clipboard,

fire up Alfred and use the keyword. (default is 'sw'), and hit Enter

You will be presented with a choice of services to get a link for the song.


If you are having issues, check the debugger.

Missing Python Packages

You will also need to find the workflow data folder:

and in it, create a new file setup.cfg with the following contents:


Run pip install --user -U pip and then do which python to find your python executable.

pip install --user -U pip
/path/to/your/python -m pip install --target /workflow-data-folder requests
/path/to/your/python -m pip install --target /workflow-data-folder lxml