gcloud shortcuts

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From the project's README:

g: GCP shortcuts for Alfred


An exported workflow should be available under releases make sure you meet the requirements.



  • g <query> for search
  • g-refresh for updating list of projects

Refresh projects list

Initially run g-refresh in Alfred to update the list of authenticated projects.

Open product page

g <project filter> ↩️️ BigQuery ➡️ Opens BigQuery for the selected project.

g My Project ↩️ Kube ➡️ Opens Kubernetes Engine in GCP for project My Project.



Changing the variable hotkey from g to gcp results in commands like gcp <query> and gcp-refresh.


Specify the authuser query parameter in case you are logged into multiple Google accounts and you want to open links logged into a specific user.


If you initialized gcloud recently, make sure to save the authentication locally, see below.