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From the project's README:

Figma Alfred 3 workflow

Alfred workflow to quick link Figma teams, projects and files


  • Figma's API doesn't allow access to getting listings of draft files.
  • Figma's API doesn't allow access to get teams. This requires adding team ids to the workflow manually.
  • Files open in the desktop app, but teams and projects won't.


$ npm install --global alfred-figma

Requires Node.js 10+ and the Alfred Powerpack.


There are a couple of requirements.

  1. You need a Figma account and be part of a team.
  2. Create a Personal Access Token so you can reach the API.
  3. Create a .env file with your access token in the directory of the installed workflow.
    • FIGMA_TOKEN=<personal-access-token>
    • Alternatively add an environment variable for FIGMA_TOKEN
  4. Add a team to your results with the figma add [teamurl] command.



The workflow lists results of 3 items teams, projects and files.


  • Open team page.
  • + Remove team from workflow.
  • + Open team page in web browser.


  • Open project page.
  • + Open project page in web browser.


  • Open file.
  • + Y OR shift Quicklook preview of the file.
  • + Duplicate file to your drafts.
  • + Open file in web browser.



MIT © Jon Rohan