dark sky

A Dark Sky workflow for Alfred

From this project's GitHub repository:

Dark Sky Workflow for Alfred




Download and install the workflow.

These environment variables can be configured in Alfred:

  • DARK_SKY_API_KEY: Get an API key here.
  • GOOGLE_API_KEY: Get an API key here. (Used for geocoding
    queries. This can be omitted if you only want the forecast for the current
  • FORECAST_UNITS: Defaults to auto, which sets the units based on the
    location. Use si for Celsius and us for Fahrenheit.
  • DEFAULT_LAT_LONG: Set this to override IP geolocation. Ex: 47.7396,-122.3426 for Seattle.
  • DEFAULT_LOCATION: Used for displaying the location name when using DEFAULT_LAT_LONG.
  • LIGHT_ICONS: true gives white icons, false gives black icons.