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From the project's README:


Animated Giphy Logo, Courtesy of Giphy

A workflow for Alfred that searches Giphy for animated gifs. Actioning on a search item will preview the gif using Quick Look and copy the direct URL of the gif to the clipboard.


Download the latest release here.


  1. Initiate Alfred
  2. Type giphy then search parameter, i.e. giphy batman
  3. When you get a list of results in Alfred, use the arrow keys to highlight the gif you want
    • To copy the gif URL to the clipboard: Press Enter
    • To copy the gif to the clipboard: Press Cmd + Enter


  • [ ] Get a production Giphy API key
  • [ ] Copy page URL of Gif with a keyboard modifier and not .gif
  • [ ] Have Quick Look use .mp4 and not .gif


Please do contribute! Issues and pull requests are welcome.