alfred workflow for kubernetes(k8s)

Author: oui
Last Updated: 10/04/20 15:30:27
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alfred k8s (Kubernetes)

Alfred Workflow to operate k8s resources.


  • Lists k8s resources and copies to clipboard (e.g. pod. deployment, ingress etc..).
  • Switch Context/Namespace


Download the workflow form latest release.


Kyeword is kube.

List resources in current namespace

Please type kube <resource-name>.
e.g.) kube pod

List resources in all namespaces

Please add -a option.
e.g.) kube pod -a

List specific resources

kube obj <resource-name> is for other resources not supported.
For example, you can list replicaset resources by kube obj rs as the workflow does not support kube rs.

Switch Context/Namespace

Please type kube context or kube ns

Key Combination Action
enter Copy to clipboard
control + enter Switch context/namespace


The workflow will try to use /usr/local/bin/kubectl by default.
When your kube config has client-go credential plugins command as relative path, the workflow will search /usr/local/bin/ path.

If you change above default values, please create configuration file as .alfred-k8s in home directory (~/).
e.g.) aws command for EKS exists in ${HOME}/.pyenv/shims/.

    kubectl_absolute_path: "/usr/local/bin/kubectl"
    - "/usr/local/bin/"
    - "${HOME}/.pyenv/shims/"