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From the project's README:

shortcuts for alfred

run your shourtcuts from alfred!


this workflow works with shortcuts which is available in macos monterey or higher.


you can just use the .alfredworkflow-file to install this workflow. the file can be downloaded from the releases-section.

how to

start with sc and type space to see and run the shortcuts you have created in the shortcuts app. if you only want to use shortcuts from specific folders, add an environment variable folders in the workflow-config and add your folders seperated by comma.

Colors! 🌈

you can define a color for each folder. just add a new environment variable called colors and add something like onefolder=blue,otherfolder=red. available colors are: red, orange, tangerine, yellow, lime, teal, blue, light-blue, navy, grape, purple, pink, gray-blue, gray-green, gray-brown.


if you have and questions, problems or feature-ideas feel free to open an issue! 😊