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Quickly connect your AirPods 🎧 using this Alfred workflow!

Last Updated: 23/04/19 11:54:59
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Alfred AirPods Connector

This Alfred workflow helps you to quickly connect to your AirPods using the Alfred search or a hotkey.

See it in action

Workflow demo


  1. Install the BluetoothConnector utility using

    brew install bluetoothconnector

    Make sure to have brew installed.

  2. Download the workflow file here and import it.

In case of errors

If you encounter any errors running the workflow double-check the steps above and test wether you have Python installed on your system (version 2.7 and version 3.* are compatible with this workflow).


On your first run, you have to select the bluetooth device that are your AirPods. Once you have done this you can use the airp keyword to connect / disconnect your AirPods. Whenever you want to change the device you can use the airp config keyword to select a new bluetooth device.

By default, this workflow also offers the ability to trigger a connect / disconnect action using a hotkey. The default hotkey is ⌃ Ctrl + ⇧ Shift + ⌘ Cmd + A.


  • Big thanks to Daniel Schäfer (@JohnAZoidberg) for helping design the RegEx used in this workflow.