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Author: Maxwell White

Last Updated: 07/02/20 14:48:45

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Search Pacmax

Pacmax is a collection of resources usable by the awesome macOS application, Alfred (no affiliation, by the way). Alfred is more or less Apple’s Spotlight on steroids. Pacmax’s goal is to bring the awesome packages and their creators to light with easy browsing & sharing tools.

With this workflow you can quickly get to and filter results on Pacmax’s Explore page!

Setting Up

  1. Grab the latest release
  2. Open it & select Import
  3. You’re all set!


  1. Trigger Alfred
  2. Type either pm or pacmax followed by a space, the word you’d like to search for, and then return. E.g., pm + space + spotify + return. The results for your search will open in your default browser.

Contribute PRs Welcome

Have an idea that’d improve this project? I’m all ears! Issues and pull requests welcome.


MIT License © Maxwell Jordan White