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Yandex Translate for Alfred

Author: Michael Kalygin

Last Updated: 09/12/17 21:13:19

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Yandex Translate workflow for Alfred
(powered by Alfy).


$ npm install -g alfred-yandex-translate

In addition you need to set your Yandex Translate API key and Yandex Dictionary API key in the workflow environment variables.

To setup both keys do the following:

  • Generate new Yandex Translate API key here or use existing one from My Keys page.
  • Generate new Yandex Dictionary API key here or use existing one from My Keys page.
  • Open Alfred preferences.
  • Click on the Workflows tab.
  • Select the Yandex Translate workflow.
  • Open the environment variables panel.
  • Paste your Yandex Translate API key in the YANDEX_TRNSL_API_KEY variable.
  • Paste your Yandex Dictionary API key in the YANDEX_DICT_API_KEY variable.


There are two commands available:

  • ytc – configures translation direction. Shows all available options to select from. Default is en-ru.
  • yt – translates input query using current translation direction. Outputs translation. Use Enter to copy the translation in the clipboard. Use ⌘ Cmd + Enter to enlarge the translation text.

You can also setup shortcuts for often used translators. To do this, open the workflow editor and do the following:

  • Copy yt script filter.
  • Paste it and connect with the Copy to Clipboard and Large Type the same way as original yt script filter.
  • Open edit dialog for new script filter.
  • In the Script field add translation direction you wish to use to the end of the command. For example, ./node_modules/.bin/run-node scripts/translate.js "$1" it-ru.
  • Change Keyword and Placeholder Title to something more meaningful for you.


MIT © Michael Kalygin