jira search

Created By: Matteo Mazzarolo, 25 Stars, Last Updated: 08/08/20 14:51:53

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From the project's README:


An Alfred workflow to search for Jira tickets.

  • The workflow is triggered by the jira keyword, followed up by the search query.
  • Under the hood the workflow uses the /rest/api/3/issue/picker endpoint to return a list of issues matching the Alfred query.
  • It's smart enough to return a list of issues if you're query is a word, or a specific issue if your query is a ticket number.

The workflow setup still has a huge margin for improvement: I haven't built an authentication flow, so it requires some manual setup (that I abstracted into three workflow environment variables).

A domain variable
Part of the Jira URL. E.g. (https://${domain}.atlassian.net).

An apitoken variable
The jira API token to use for authentication. You can generate one in your jira account settings

A username variable
The jira username associated with the API token. E.g. foo@bar.com

It also needs jq to be installed.