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Author: Martin Rodalgaard

Last Updated: 09/02/20 19:17:19

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network Alfred Network Workflow Build Status

Alfred workflow that can show and change your network settings: Wi-Fi, Ethernet, VPN, DNS, etc.

This is a collection of the functionalities of already existing network-oriented workflows that I found half-baked or stalled. Improved on performance, usability and details.


Go to Latest Release and under Assets download Network.alfredworkflow. Once downloaded, double click the file and it will show up in Alfred.


  • Type wifi to show Wi-Fi info and enable/disable.
  • Type eth to show ethernet info (if connected).
  • Type wifilist to scan for Wi-Fi hotspots.
  • Type vpn to list configured VPNs and connect.
  • Type dns to list and change DNS settings.


Requires Alfred 3 and Powerpack for installing this extension. Might behave differently on macOS versions older than 10.7 Lion. This workflow is primarily implemented in Bash with a little help from AppleScript.

WIFI / Access Point changes requires your keychain password which is a known limitation. See HERE.


bats is used for automatic testing of Bash functionality. Install with brew install bats using brew.

Run tests: bats tests


Contributions, bug reports and feature requests are very welcome.

    – Martin