An Alfred workflow for quickly switching between Firefox tabs

Author: Damien Rajon

Last Updated: 25/03/20 13:14:57

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Alfred Firefox Tab switcher

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An Alfred workflow to quickly switch between
firefox tabs.



1. Install the workflow

You need to install the workflow first as it will also install the native
messaging host component of the extension (required before the extension is

npm install -g alfred-firefoxtabswitch

The workflow will register automatically with Alfred, and the
Native Manifest
will be written automatically upon install at /Library/Application Support/Mozilla/NativeMessagingHosts/alfredtabswitch.json

2. Install the Firefox extension

Go to and
install it from there.


Invoke the workflow with fw (you can customize that in Alfred), all opened
tabs (across all windows) will be shown.

If more than one argument is supplied to the workflow, all arguments must be
present in either the title or the URL.

Then simply hit ENTER on the tab you want to focus.


                                                    │  Alfred   │
                        ╭──────────────╮                  │
                        │ ◎ ○ ○ ░░░░░░░│                  │
                        ├──────────────┤            ┌─────┴─────┐
                        │              │            │UDP socket │
                        │              │            └─────┬─────┘
                        │              │                  │
                        │       ┌──────┴─────┐            ▼
                        └───────┤ Extension  ├───────────────────────────┐
                                └──────────┬─┘  Native Messaging Host    │

The firefox extension will automatically spawn the native messaging host at

The host will open an UDP socket on port 52547 and listen for incoming

Alfred interacts with Firefox via the UDP socket, querying for the list of tabs,
and commanding to switch to a given tab. These inteactions are handled by the
./host/client.js file (spawned by alfred).

Each time the user issues a command, Alfred will spawn an instance of
host/client.js, which will talk to the UDP socket and kill itself when the
result is returned.

If the native messaging host fails to reply within 1 second, the client will
kill itself.

Why so complex?

Other workflows
use Apple Script to switch tabs for Safari, Chrome etc.

But Firefox does not expose its tabs to the system, so the only way is to use an
extension with an native messaging component that allows alfred to communicate
with firefox.