search notes app

Use Alfred to find and open notes in iCloud/Apple Notes.

From this project's GitHub repository:

Search with Alfred


Type n[part of note] and press enter.


Download the Alfred workflow file from Releases and open it.



By default, this searches the title + full text of the notes and orders results based on the last modification date of the note. If you want to search titles only or order results alphabetically, change the environment variables.


Icons are from Emojitwo and will show up when they are the first character in the name of a folder, like 📘 GPI in the screenshot above. Add your own icons to the workflow’s icons folder and tweak to see them in Alfred.


The default search method is only tested in High Sierra. If it’s not working for you and/or you’re on a different version of macOS, try the AppleScript search methods using the keywords a and b.