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From the project's README:



This Alfred workflow is a paste queue and a character-by-character paster in one.


Go to and download the pasterrr.alfredworkflow file (direct link). Open this file to import it into Alfred.


The character-by-character paste takes whatever is on the clipboard and pastes it one character at a time to the frontmost application, giving the impression of typing. It can be triggered by the default hotkey ⇧⌃⌘V.

The paste queue is invoked with ⌃⌘V. It splits the content of the clipboard according to a delimiter (defaults to a blank line), and gives the first entry to the character-by-character paster. The remainder is copied to the clipboard.

For instance, if the following is on the clipboard:

This is the first line.

This is the second.

// This line is skipped.

This is the fourth line.

Then pressing ⌃⌘V will paste "This is the first line.". Pressing it again will paste "This is the second.", and pressing it a third time will paste "This is the fourth line.".

Note that the workflow does not actually paste, but simulates keypresses. Hence non-ASCII characters do not work.

The character-by-character paster will be aborted when pressing a modifier key. This comes in handy when you accidentally pasted a large amount of text.

The default delimiter is "", and the default skip prefix is "//". Both can be changed by adjusting their variables ("delimiter" and "skip_prefix", respectively).