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Search or add Raindrop.io bookmarks from Alfred

Author: Andreas Westerlind

Last Updated: 24/03/20 20:11:37

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Alfred Raindrop.io Search

This Alfred Workflow is created to have a single, fast, and always reachable way of searching Raindrop.io, and then open bookmarks in the web browser you are currently working in, even if that’s not your default browser.

  • Open Alfred, type r, space, and then your search query, and the results will show directly in Alfred so that you can select one and press enter to open it in your browser.
  • If the workflow is not authenticated with Alfred when you initiate it, you will be taken to the authentication process.
  • If a web browser is the frontmost app when you open a bookmark from this workflow, it will open in that browser.
  • If you are working in another app, the bookmark will open in your default browser.
  • Hold the cmd-key to view the URL for a bookmark.
  • Hold the option-key while pressing enter, or use cmd+c to copy the URL instead of opening it in a browser.
  • Press enter before you have started typing a search query, and Raindrop.io itself will open in your active web browser.
  • Go to the “Search Raindrop.io” workflow in the Alfred preferences and look in the top left corner if you want to add a keyboard shortcut for going directly to the Raindrop.io search.


The official place to download this workflow is here:

If you downloaded from GitHub

If you downloaded this workflow from GitHub, the codes that are used to identify this as a client to Raindrop.io is not included, as they are supposed to be application specific.
Get your own codes at the link below and put them in client_code.json, and everything will work perfectly.