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From the project's README:

Youtube Downloader Alfred Workflow

Alfred workflow for quickly grabbing video/audio off YouTube using youtube-dl.


I got too lazy to keep opening Terminal and typing in the command 😀


  • Alfred Powerpack (Tested on Alfred v4.3.4)
  • youtube-dl
  • ffmpeg (if saving as audio)


  1. Add workflow to Alfred.
  2. Set variables:
    • download_path: absolute path of the directory you want your files to be saved to.
    • youtubedl_location: absolute path of your youtube-dl directory (can be located by running which youtube-dl in a terminal emulator)


      ytdl <link>

      Then select the option you want.


Demo of 'video' option

Screenshot 2021-06-28 at 00 26 39


Demo of 'audio' option

Screenshot 2021-06-28 at 00 26 33


In my 5 minute internet search for an icon to put in this, I found this abomination. Enjoy:

Amogus Youtube Icon