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Open conversation with a contact in Slack

To start

  1. Download and install Slack.alfredworkflow

  2. Create a custom app for your team following these steps.

  3. Once you have your client ID and Secret, visit the address to generate a unique code for authentication in the Workflow.

    1. Enter your team name in the first field and your client ID in the second one, then click on the button "Generate code".


    1. Authorize the app to access your Slack team with the rights below.


    1. Copy your generated unique code in your clipboard.


  4. Launch the slack workflow with the parameter --add-client followed by the concatenation of the generated unique code and client Secret separated by a colon (e.g.: UNIQUE_CODE:CLIENT_SECRET). You can add several clients if you want to collaborate with several teams. You just need to repeat the two last steps.


     slack --add-client 1234567890.123456789012|1234567890.123456789012.abcdef1234:1234567890abcdef1234567890abcdef
  5. Launch the cache refresh by taping the command --refresh.


     slack --refresh

    The cache refresh may take up to several minutes depending on your organization size.

  6. Enjoy!

    Note: install the Packal Updater workflow if you want automatic updates.

How to use

  • List channels or groups to open in the Slack app:

    slack <channel/group>


  • List users to open in the Slack app:

    slack <user>


  • Open a channel, group or user in the Slack app:

    slack <channel/group/user>


  • List messages from a specific channel, group or user:

    slack <channel/group/user>


  • Send a message to a channel, group or user:

    slack <channel/group/user> <message>


  • Mark all channels as read

    slack --mark
  • List the files within the team

    slack --files <search>
  • List the items starred

    slack --stars <search>
  • Search both messages and files

    slack --search <query>
  • Set the user presence (either active or away)

    slack --presence <active|away>
  • Set the custom status

    slack --status <in a meeting|commuting|out sick|vacationing|working remotely|clear>

Create an app for your team

  1. Go to the URL and click on the button Create a Slack app.


  2. Give it an app name e.g.: "Alfred Workflow", select your team in the list and click on the button Create App.


  3. Note the client ID and Secret!


⚠ Never share the client secret on the web or on public repository

  1. Go to the section OAuth & Permissions (under the Features category), add the two redirect URLs and and click on Save URLs.