Previous Updates

Updates that we listed on Notion before we began posting them here can be found below.

October 22, 2019

Hi all! I’ve been working a lot on Pacmax and am excited to bring, not a massive list of changes, but a few that I hope you’ll like.
◦ Improved: Pacmax now more accurately present links for downloading and importing applicable .alfred[workflow/appearance/etc.] files if present in the project’s source code or releases. I think that this will be great because fewer people will inadvertently download source code and not be sure what to do with it from there.
◦ Improved: Vocabulary & styles across the site are more consistent, especially between the newer light & dark modes.
◦ Removed: Tags dropdown as it felt like overkill with the Search & Categories dropdown.
◦ I am working On: New navigation with a new, more robust, and always present search.
◦ I am working On: An improved workflow to better search and fetch packages from Pacmax, all from Alfred!
• As always, I’d love to hear your feedback on these changes, as well as Pacmax, in general. Thanks so much! Lots of cool stuff, coming soon!

September 9, 2019
◦ A few small style adjustments for consistency across the site, namely in Dark Mode
◦ I’ve added more than 100 new packages since the last update here
◦ Some tidying to the tags; consolidated duplicates, misspellings, etc.
◦ Simplified the Share form; now Pacmax just needs a repo URL
◦ Other under the hood improvements; namely beefing up cacheing & SEO

August 18, 2019

Added: A new Dark Mode 🌚Added: A new Status PageAdded: 40+ more Workflows & ThemesImproved: READMEs are now displayed by default!Improved: Fixed a typo on this page. Paxmax is NOT our name. Oops!

July 31, 2019
◦ A total overhaul of the website for improved readability & speed! There’s so much to mention but I will say that the site’s been rethought to focus on usability and speed; I’m pretty happy with the tuneup and I hope you all do too.Explore – Pacmax
◦ A new Twitter account that posts links to new packages as they’re added!pacmaxdotorg
◦ Now you can search Pacmax from Alfred with our new basic but shiny workflow. Please feel free to contribute to the project on GitHub!search pacmax
◦ An improved Share page; now you can select whether you’re sharing a Theme or Workflow. You can also, optionally, add tags
◦ There are several new packages are available on the site. Don’t see yours? Add it!

May 16, 2019
◦ Removed: No more is the redundant text description on the homepage
◦ Improved: Upgraded our PHP version to 7.3
◦ Improved: Redesigned the Share menu to be less obtrusive (find it in the top-right of your desktop browsers)
◦ Improved: Consolidated our Share and Feedback pages into 1 page, Contact
◦ Improved: Google’s reCAPTCHA now only appears where there are forms
◦ Improved: Gave the logo a shine
◦ Improved: The default sort order is now set to Random to help surface packages
◦ Improved: Searches on Pacmax are now bookmark-able 🔖
◦ Improved: Replaced all text site-wide to Roboto for improved readability and consistency
◦ Added: Added an optional email field to Contact page for General Inquiries; we didn’t have a way to reply to a few of you. Sorry!
◦ Added: A bunch of awesome packages!
◦ Added: Created a newsletter for when is updated, for anyone that’d like to stay tuned!
◦ Other odd & end improvements

April 7, 2019
◦ Added “What people are saying about Pacmax”
◦ Added: Safari support for hyphens in long titles
◦ Improved: Added toggle-able FAQs to the About page to save screen real estate
◦ Improved: Titles on posts now exactly match their respective repository

March 8, 2019
◦ Added: GitHub Star Count in Posts
◦ Added: Sort by GitHub Stars in Explore page (from most to least)
◦ Improved: Tidied up the way info is displayed in the header of posts—now it takes up less space!
◦ Improved: Odd & end style improvements

March 7, 2019
◦ Added: Tooltip descriptor to help explain download & import options
◦ Improved: Removed Pagination options from top of pages
◦ Improved: Odd and end style improvements

March 6, 2019
◦ Added: Support for GitHub Releases! Now Pacmax will fetch from repositories with Releases and provide an option to download the release, zipped!
◦ Improved: Removed a bunch of white space
◦ Improved: Hid the Explore page title
◦ Improved: Replaced the old serif font with Crimson Text
◦ Improved: Added better conditionals for displaying download options

February 26, 2019
◦ Added: Created By field on posts (links to the author’s GitHub profile) – this might be my favorite addition
◦ Added: A scroll to top button for long pages
◦ Fixed: Rewrote About page to help better explain different aspects related to PM & Alfred
◦ Added: Created a new GitHub repo for anyone interested in helping make About better!
◦ Improved: README section styles in posts to make clearer that they’re from the project’s repository
◦ Added: Support for wider screens on Explore (fill it up!)
◦ Added: Pagination on Explore
◦ Fixed: Last Updated field displaying wrong time
◦ Improved: Odd and end styles
◦ Improved: Upgraded PHP

February 22, 2019
◦ Added back “Beta” to the header; removing this was an oversight when the theme was replaced and the logo was replaced with text and not an image
◦ Added spacing between the Explore page’s search options & results to stop some overlap that would sometimes occur
◦ Fixed some images not loading correctly (more fixes on this incoming)
◦ Added links in posts to the corresponding GitHub repository
◦ A few copy & cosmetic improvements for added consistency
◦ Set the default order of results on the Explore page to be alphabetical
◦ Improvements to search

February 21, 2019
◦ Fixed broken links in About
◦ More results display on larger displays in Explore
◦ Reduced the button size in results on the Explore page

February 18, 2019
◦ Added Sort Results drop down in Explore
◦ Added Snippets category
◦ Set external links to open in a new tab

February 15, 2019
◦ A few copy & cosmetic improvements

February 9, 2019
◦ Updated to a much lighter theme and made some cosmetic improvements
◦ Removed a few unused dependencies

January 28, 2019
◦ Fixed an issue where images would not display correctly in Explore or their respective post pages
◦ Added a more interesting image placeholder for repositories without images

January 22, 2019
◦ Improved find-ability with new “instant search and filter” on Explore page
◦ Emoji now correctly display site-wide
◦ Odd and end style improvements

January 15, 2019
◦ Simpler & more consistent copy throughout the site
◦ Replaced external Updates and Feedback pages with on-site ones
◦ Removed update log from alpha releases (still available here)