What is Pacmax?

Pacmax is a collection of Snippets, Themes, & Workflows for the macOS app Alfred. Alfred, put very simply, is Apple’s Spotlight feature on steroids. Pacmax aims to make it easier for people to explore and share the amazing workflows available for Alfred.

What People Are Saying About Pacmax

“I’m a huge Alfred user—thank you for providing another avenue to obtain work flows. Truly appreciated.” — scalia4114 on Reddit

“It is looking cool at the first glance. I will use it for a while and come back with a feedback, but I would like to thank you for that. It is an amazing effort well needed for Alfred users community!” — pawelgrzybek on Reddit

“So nice!” — suprandr on Reddit

“Nice work! I maintain a GitHub curated list of workflows. Am very much for replacing packal.” — Derimagia on Reddit

“Finally! I thought Alfred workflows were dead by now.” — hrvstr on Reddit

“This looks great thank you so much!” — BubblegumTitanium on Reddit

“Thank you for all your work! I don’t why it seems so many people are in the dark about Alfred. It’s power and simplicity are unmatched.” — themcpuss on Reddit

Questions & Answers

How do I find packages on Pacmax?

Head to Explore to search, with a variety of options, all available packages!

How do I share packages on Pacmax?

Pacmax is still learning how to grab Files for Alfred from around the web. If it hasn’t grabbed one your like to see on the site, visit the Share page where you can drop the link. We’ll add it for you.

How do I create my own packages for Alfred?

Great question! There are bunches of articles online detailing ways to do this, here are a few from the official Alfred website:

What ways can I share packages that I make with people?

People disperse packages in a number of ways. A few to consider that play best with Pacmax’s are:

What do I need to use the files here?

You’ll need Alfred and the Alfred Powerpack. Once you have those, you’ll be able to import the files listed here on Pacmax into Alfred.

I have a question, suggestion, and just want to say hi!

Great, head to our Feedback page. We look forward to hearing from you!

Where can I keep up with changes to Pacmax?

Check out our Updates page for the latest!

I read somewhere that Pacmax is akin to Packal. What's different?

A number of things! To name a few, we aimed to provide people with a leaner interface, account-free sharing of packages to the site, a variety of search options, & more. To see everything that’s changed here from the start, check out the Updates page.

This page could use some changes. How can I suggest what needs update?

Awesome! Thanks for wanting to help. Please send your feedback via our Feedback page.