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Search-Alfred-Workflows searches in Title, Keywords, Description of a workflow and shows avaialable keywords for direct execution. It also allows to execute addtional actions on a workflow such as open in terminal or copy worfklow path to the clipboard.

Search with the shortcut do find the corresponding Workflow:

Screen Shot 2019-08-05 at 07.33.33

Action menu on a workflow:

Screen Shot 2019-08-05 at 07.33.42



  • ENTER - Shows a list of keywords in the workflow and starts the workflow with a keyword
  • SHIFT - Shows the workflow description , associated keywords and keyboard Shortcuts
  • CMD - For addtional Actions:
    • Copy path to Clipboard
    • Open WF Folder in Terminal
      • If you would like to use other terminal than macOS change config in Alfred > Features > Terminal to custom
    • Reveal in Finder
    • Open in FileManager (if defined)


Worfklows → go to “Search Alfred Workflow” → click on the[X] upper right corner:

  • exclude_disabled: True - ignore disabled workflow in search
  • file_manager: PATH - path to executable file manager e.g. Forklift. If not applicable just leave value empty/unset.


  • Python 3


  • The quicklook help requires markdown QLMarkdown plugin to display markdown properly