safari toolkit

From their README

Alfred Safari Toolkit

This is an Alfred workflow for Safari.

I have been using tupton/alfred-safari-history for years, but it runs with Python2 which is removed from macOS 12.3.

So I decided to write one in Go by referring to it.

How to install

Download the workflow from release page and double click.

Make sure Alfred has full disk access otherwise it won't be able to access history.db file.

How to build

It's recommended to go-alfred for workflow packaging.

  1. First, install is by executing go install
  2. After running CGO_ENABLED=1 alfred build to build project, you will get the execution binary under workflow folder.
  3. At last, run alfred pack and the workflow package will present in root folder.


The current version covers tupton/alfred-safari-history features. In the next version, planning to involve in the Safari tabs searching feature.


The latest version has been tested below platform:

  • macOS 12.3.1 with Apple Silicon CPU
  • macOS 10.15.5, 12.4 with Intel CPU

If it works or not on other platforms, I'm very glad to know your feedback.


Why use CGO_ENABLED=1?

This workflow depends on sqlite3 to query history from sqlist3 file. sqlite3 requires CGO support.