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A curated list of Awesome Alfred Workflows.

Alfred is a productivity app for macOS that boosts your efficiency with hotkeys, keywords and text expansion.




  • Adium - Adium workflow to chat with people on your list.
  • MailTo - Quickly compose emails to your contacts and contact groups.
  • Slack - Alfred workflow to interact, and perform various functions with the service Slack.


  • caniuse - workflow to query HTML / CSS support.
  • CDN - Check which CDNs a package is hosted on.
  • Colors - Convert color formats & access the OS X color panel.
  • Dash - Allows you to query Dash for Developer Documentation.
  • DevDocs - An Alternative to Dash. Allows you query for documentation.
  • Fakeum - Generate all kinds of test data.
  • Font Awesome - Quickly look up font awesome icons and add the desired one to your clipboard.
  • Github - GitHub command bar, similiar to the command bar in Github.
  • Git Repos - Search and open the Git repos on your system.
  • JetBrains - Open project with one of JetBrains' products.
  • Laravel Forge - alForge, Open and run commands on Laravel Forge.
  • mdi - Find Material Design Icons.
  • npms - Search for npm packages with
  • ng - Search through the documentation.
  • Package Managers - Package Repo Search.
  • Packagist - Search for PHP packages with Packagist.
  • Source Tree - List, search, and open Source Tree repositories.
  • VagrantUP - List and control Vagrant environments with Alfred2.

Text Manipulation

  • Encode / Decode - Transform your query strings through base64, html, url, and utf-8 encode/decode.
  • Funnel - Funnel selected text or a file through various filters.
  • hl - Syntax highlight code in the clipboard.
  • HTML Entity Lookup - Search for entity characters based on how they look or by name.
  • Pandoctor - Alfred interface to pandoc, a tool that allows to convert between text formats (Markdown, LaTeX, DOC, DOCX, ...).
  • Unicode Text Search - Search for Unicode Symbols.


  • Convert - Offline conversion of units and (crypto)currencies.
  • DOITools - Tools to resolve, open, shorten DOI numbers and even convert them to bibtex.
  • Scientific Workflow - Workflows that are useful for scientists: e.g. LaTeX, importing references in bibtex.
  • Skim remote - Controls the Skim PDF Viewer remotely from Alfred.


  • Google Calendar View - View your Google Calendar events.
  • I Sheet You Not - Generate your own workflows from Excel spreadsheets.
  • iMessage 2FA - Find two-factor authentication codes in your recent iMessage messages.
  • PDF Tools - Optimize, encrypt and manipulate PDF files.
  • Things - Interact with Things 3 using Alfred.
  • Todoist - Add tasks to Todoist.





  • AppFreeze - Pauses and resumes execution of the frontmost app.
  • AppScripts - Search and run JXA/AppleScripts for the active application.
  • Copy Paths to Clipboard - Copy Current File Paths to Clipboard as POSIX, HFS, or File URLs.
  • Finder New item - Swiftly create new items in Finder with support for templates.
  • Fkill - Fabulously search and kill processes.
  • Keyboard Maestro - Execute Keyboard Maestro macros from Alfred.
  • Keylue - Key Clue, Menu Bar and Keyboard Maestro Hot Key Search
  • Network Info - Display ip addresses or mac addresses for all network interfaces.
  • SSH - Autocompletes SSH sessions based on ~/.ssh/known_hosts, ~/.ssh/config and /etc/hosts
  • SSH iTerm - Query ~/.ssh/config and open ssh host with iTerm badge.
  • Swift Windows Switcher - Switches between open windows and a browser (Safari/Chrome) tabs.
  • TemporaryMute - Mutes the volume of their computer for a specified duration of time.
  • TerminalFinder - Alfred workflow to open current Finder window in Terminal/iTerm and vice versa.


  • BugNot - Get logins from bugmenot.
  • IncognitoClone - Opens Chrome’s frontmost tab in an incognito window.
  • Reddit - Search and browse subreddits and hot posts within Alfred.
  • Safari Assistant - Browse, open & manipulate Safari bookmarks, history and tabs. Customizable with your own scripts.
  • TemporaryEmail - Get a temporary email inbox from Teleosaurs Mail.


  • Alfred-Workflow - Python Library for writing Alfred workflows.
  • Alfy - Node.js library to create Alfred workflows with ease.
  • AwGo - Full-featured library for Go to build lightning-fast workflows in a jiffy.
  • Fuzzy Search - Add fuzzy search to any Script Filter.
  • OneUpdater - Minimal Configuration method in adding auto-updating to your workflow.

Other Lists

Here are a list of other collections of alfred collections which are useful.


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