google drive

From their README

↵ opens the path; ⌥↵ reveals it in the Finder; ⇧↵ searches for it on Google Drive’s website.

You’ll be asked to build the cache on your first run. A notification will show when it’s ready. The more files you have, the longer the wait. A macOS launchd agent will be loaded to do it daily and on boot.

To rebuild the cache on demand, run :gdrebuildcache.

The File Actions make it straightforward to copy and move files to a Google Drive folder.

The Workflow Environment Variables have defaults which will work for most. You only have to mess with them if you have an atypical setup.

  • auto_refresh: Enable (1) or disable (0) automatic cache rebuilding.
  • google_drive_path: The location of Google Drive on your file system. Can take multiple paths separated by commas.
  • ignore_list: A comma-separated list of case-sensitive keywords to ignore. If any appears in a path, it will not be saved to your cache. Wildcard characters are interpreted.
  • result_limit: How many entries to show in Alfred.

!gddiagnostic inspects the current Workflow configuration. It is to be run when asking for help.

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