call or sms contact

From their README

This Workflow is no longer supported. Please see Call or Message Contact for future updates.

A short stand-in to add sms and calling support to for macOS Yosemite and above. Searches through contacts in real time as you type. Excludes contacts with no number. Currently no way to select between multiple numbers for a single contact. Requires Alfred V4.

Released under Apache License 2.0. If you modify this and use it in something splendid we'd appreciate a shout out.


Call Johny Appleseed

im Little Red

sms Bill Nye

call 555-3485

im 555-3485

You can also mute/unmute and end calls. You can also accept or decline incoming calls too. These options can be invoked by the keywords "Mute", "End", and "Answer" or hotkeys. The "End" command will do all of the following: end a current call, decline an incoming call, and cancel a failed call attempt.

Known Issues:

(This no longer appears to be an issue in macOS 10.15)

macOS 10.14 - The "Mute" command will not reflect that the call is muted in the Notification Center window when invoked for the first time. If you invoke the command twice, then GUI will reflect the change (the "Mute" text color changes from gray to white). I believe this is an issue with Notification Center.