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Alfred Workflow - oneM2M attribute and resource finder

This Alfred workflow provides a search for oneM2M attribute long and short names, resource types, response status codes, and more.


Workflow Installation

External Tools

  • jq - Command line JSON processor
    The workflow requires the jq command line JSON processor. You need to install it separately, for example via brew (see jq Homebrew formulae).

      brew install jq

The workflow by default expects jq in the directory /usr/local/bin, but this can be configured in the workflow.

Usage and Keywords

onem2m : List available workflow keywords

This keyword trigger just lists the available workflow keywords in the sub-title.

acop : Access Control Operations

This workflow will return the allowed operations for the integer bitfield that is an access control operation.

  • Alfred keyword trigger: acop
  • Argument: either an integer number between 1 and 63 that represents the bitfield of allowed operations, or any combination of the characters c(reate), r(etrieve), u(pdate), d(elete), d(i)scovery to calculate the acop number
  • Pressing return copies the list of allowed operations for the given acop integer value, or the calculated number

rsc : Response Status Codes

  • Alfred keyword trigger: rsc
  • Argument: integer value that is a oneM2M Response Status Code
  • Pressing return copies the oneM2M Response Status Code and the description to the clipboard
  • Modifier keys for the search result:
    • Cmd: show detailed CoAP response code
    • Alt: show detailed http status code

sn : Attributes and short names

  • Alfred keyword trigger: sn
  • Argument: oneM2M attribute name or short name
  • Pressing return copies both the long and the short name to the clipboard
  • Modifier keys for the search result:
    • Cmd: show documents where an attribute is defined
    • Alt: show attribute categories
    • Ctrl: copy attribute name to clipboard
    • Shift: copy short name to clipboard

ty : Resource Types

  • Alfred keyword trigger: ty
  • Argument: oneM2M resource name or short name
  • Pressing return copies the oneM2M Resource Name, its short name, and the resource type to the clipboard
  • Modifier keys for the search result:
    • Cmd: copy resource type name to clipboard
    • Alt: copy resource type to clipboard
    • Shift: copy short name to clipboard

Alfred Universal Actions

This workflow supports Alfred's Universal Actions. Just mark a short name, attribute, or result status code in your text and hit the Alfred's selection hotkey.

Updating Attribute Mappings, Resource Types Response Status Codes

The attribute mappings are defined in the file attributes.json in the workflow directory. An updated version of this file can always be generated by using the script from the ankraft/onem2m-extract-attributes project. It then needs to be copied to the workflow's installation directory.

The response status codes and mappings are defined in the file responseStatusCodes.json, and the resource type mappings are defined in resourceTypes.json in the same directory.


See the file for a detailed list of additions and changes.


This project is licensed under the terms of the BSD 3-Clause License.

oneM2M Partners Type 1 (ARIB, ATIS, CCSA, ETSI, TIA, TSDSI, TTA, TTC) jointly own all copyright on the Technical Specifications and Technical Reports developed and approved within oneM2M. See oneM2M IPRs for further details.