haste to airpods connection

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What's This?

Alfred Workflow to manage Bluetooth connection.

In brief, this workflow provides several keywords to:

  • connect to the target device and switch the audio output to the connected device
  • disconnect from the current device

Typical Use Case Scenario 🎧

Type airpods-connect on Alfred:

Alfred launcher

Then you will hear a machine voice saying "Connected" and get a notification showing the current audio volume:

notification sample


Verified with:

  • macOS Catalina (10.15), Big Sur (11.3)
  • Alfred Powerpack v4.3.3

Required packages available via Homebrew:

$ brew install bluetoothconnector switchaudio-osx

Install and Configuration

  1. Download the latest haste2.alfredworkflow file from Releases
  2. Click the downloaded file and import the workflow
  3. Pair the target device with Mac at least once in advance
  4. Spot the MAC address of your device with the command below:
$ BluetoothConnector
  1. On the Alfred launcher, type connect-airpods where refers to the MAC address of your target device. You need to specify the MAC address only for the first time so that the workflow will remember the one for later use.
    • Tip: MAC address would look like 00-03-93-a1-01-01.


  1. Just type connect-airpods on Alfred.

Here are the keywords available via Alfred:

  • airpods-status [MAC address]: show the status of the specified device.
  • airpods-connect [MAC address]: connect to the specified device.
  • airpods-disconnect [MAC address]: disconnect from the current device.
  • connect-airpods: alias to airpods-connect.
  • disconnect-airpods: alias to airpods-disconnect.