swift evolution

From their README


An Alfred workflow for looking up Swift evolution proposals. Written in Swift, of course.


You must have Swift 5 installed (either by a version of Xcode or Command Line Tools).


Download version 2.1.0 of alfred-swift-evolution.alfredworkflow.


Type se followed by a space to list all proposals (more recent first). Optionally type a search string to filter results.

You can filter by proposal number:

Filter by number

Or by proposal status:

Filter by status

Or by keyword:

Filter by keyword

Available actions:

  • Press Return to open the proposal in the browser.
  • Hold down Command to copy the proposal title to the clipboard.
  • Hold down Shift+Command to copy a Markdown link to the proposal to the clipboard.
  • (To copy the URL, hit Tab on a proposal and select Copy as Plain Text from the menu.)

Workflow variables

The script forwards four variables to Alfred that can be used in subsequent workflow actions:

If you want to customize the workflow for your needs, you can use these variables in your actions. Refer to the "Copy Markdown link" action for an example.